Waist Cincher Corsets

Waist Cincher Corsets (also known as Waist Training corsets) concentrate primarily on the waist and like its name states ‘cinches’ or restrains the waist. It’s the perfect corset for an instant hour-glass figure. Good quality steel boned waist cincher corsets, you can expect a reduction of 6-7 inches. Out of all of the corset types, the waist cincher will offer you the best waist reduction as it concentrates just on this area. The level of support a waist cincher corset would give you is the best you can get out of all of the corset types.

Please note, if you decide you want to do long term waist training, it is something not to be taken lightly. Make sure before you do anything to get plenty of information and expert medical advice.

Corset Styles:
There are different main styles of corsets to choose from:

Underbust Corset:
This type of corset starts under the breasts and extends down at the hips leaving the breasts exposed.

Overbust Corset:
This type of corset covers the hips and bust. It may cover a portion or the entire cleavage.

Waist Cincher:
Unlike corsets which narrow from the hips to ribs, the waist cincher is a 6-8 inches wide belt and sits on the waist to make it smaller.

Choosing the frontal shape of your corset to flatter your bust shape:
Straight: A-B cup – for the smaller bust
Sweetheart: Medium to large bust
Plunge/Scoop: Bustier ladies – DD cups and over


Waist cinchers are short corsets, usually cut high over the hip and in some cases stop a couple inches below the underbust line. I usually measure cinchers by the height of the side seam – if it’s 8″ or less on the side, it may fall into the “cincher” range, and most cinchers are 6-7″ high (although I have seen cinchers or ‘waspies’ as short as 4″ on the side!).

Those with shorter waists (or who are short of stature) may wear a cincher and have it fit like a full-length corset, so petite women can save money on waist training by purchasing a made-to-measure cincher, so it fits her body perfectly. A cincher can also accentuate outfits as a wide belt on those with longer waists. There is one caveat though; many companies don’t make cinchers in larger sizes as they don’t provide any support for soft and low-hanging tummies. The following corsetieres and businesses deliver curves in a teeny package.


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